Starting Fresh

I suppose a blog would have been more appropriate than the website I created to follow my pregnancy. Well, here it is. Starting fresh. With new thoughts in a new format. The website could only hold so much text and I've got a lot to say :)

Motherhood really is a whole new world. It changes everything. It strengthens one's life. It is something that I now understand I knew nothing, absolutely nothing, about before I actually became a mom. One of my co-workers said to me after I went back to work, "Congratulations! Welcome to the club!" I almost hate to say it, because I never would have understood it before, but it really is like belonging to a club. With secret passwords and handshakes, a totally new vocabulary, rearranging priorities, and sharing the ultimate happiness you now find in life's smallest moments that others can't understand (he found his hands! he rolled over!). I think most parents don't mean to be exclusive, but the lifestyle almost demands it.

For me, it's difficult to be one of the first of my close friends to have a baby. My relationships with friends who have recently had babies have strengthened, and I only wish we all lived close to each other so we could share walks and play dates in addition to the emails, phone calls and e-photos. I've tried to maintain my relationships with friends who don't have babies, and some remain very strong while others -particularly the casual friendships - have been a challenge. I can't go to happy hour at the drop of a hat, or to three parties in one night, or even spend a few hours at a friend's house. Those days are definitely behind me, and I really don't mind it one bit. Most of my friends seem to understand. Some don't, and I've learned that's ok too.

So here I am starting fresh with a blog devoted to my experiences as a new mom, a working mom, a nursing mom, a m-o-m Mom. The challenges, the absolute bliss, the madness of it all.

It's 9:00pm and I'm ill today and it's my bedtime. Welcome to motherhood. It really is the best adventure a person can ever embark upon.

Good night!

PS - thanks to KM and also to blogging moms for inspiring me to start my own blog.