Formula Does Not Equal Bad Mama

So my son is getting one bottle of formula each day now in addition to breastmilk. The Bad Mama Police haven't come to get me. My son is doing just fine with the formula supplementation.

For months I agonized over the day formula would enter our lives. The Bad Mama guilt trip would plague me. All of the exclusively breastfeeding moms would shake their fingers at me and point out all of the benefits of exclusively breastfeeding until my baby is driving. My son would miss a point on his SATs and would blame me for introducing formula at age 5 months.

Bullshit. I exclusively breastfed Buddy Boo until he was five months old, which, for me at least, is a huge accomplishment. I've gone through way too much stress and (recently) pain to mention of late when it comes to breastfeeding, and it's time to ease up on the nursing and pumping. I was lucky. Many women can't breastfeed exclusively for that many months, can't breastfeed exclusively, or can't breastfeed at all. These women are still the best moms in the world. They still love their sons and daughters with all their heart. They don't deserve the guilt trip that society can place on them, and they certainly don't deserve ANY guilt trips from other moms. And I've come to realize, I don't deserve the guilt trips either.

We are all moms who love our children. None of us know what we are doing when we begin, but we love every moment of figuring it out and we are all doing the best we can.

I'm done feeling guilty. I hope you are too.