Trick or Treating with the Animals

A and I are not big Halloween fans. We love the candy, but we've never been really into the dressing up part. This year, we were so excited to buy Buddy Boo's first Halloween costume that we bought it in late August after hearing all of the good costumes for babies and kids sell out quickly. (The costume we bought Buddy Boo did indeed sell out mid-September. Who knew?).

We decided that traipsing through our neighborhood with a 5 month old all dressed up but unable to walk, talk, or even hold a candy bag for very long (not to mention sporadically needing a diaper change or feeding) wasn't the best idea. So we headed to the zoo, where there was a scavenger hunt for kids and kiddie activities along the way.

This proved to be a fun Halloween adventure for both Buddy Boo and us. It was like venturing into a whole new world for us, filled with overwhelmed parents, beaming but not-too-helpful grandparents, confused infants, screaming/awkwardly running toddlers, competitive kids and bored teens. Families of all sizes were everywhere - to the left, to the right, or blocking our way as we tried to get to the next scavenger hunt stop. They were all dressed up and checking out each other's Halloween costumes. Buddy Boo's costume turned many heads and fished many a compliment, and we realized as we were there how appropriate his outfit was for the venue: a fish costume in the zoo.

Buddy Boo's first Halloween adventure was also his first trip to the zoo as well. We were so excited to show him all of the animals. We saw monkeys, polar bears, elephants, orangutans, tigers, fish. Halfway through, we gave up on the scavenger hunt and just focused on the animals. Buddy Boo was fascinated by the orangutan.

Afterward we headed to see some friends as Buddy Boo fell asleep in the car, tuckered out from the day's adventure. A and I talked about how holidays are so different now. With Buddy Boo in our lives, holidays not only hold more meaning, they now offer a newness that sparks more anticipation, more excitement as we prepare to celebrate them as a newly expanded family. Being a mom rocks!