Baby Talk

My son's voice is the greatest sound on the planet. When he babbles, I melt. When he laughs, my eyes tear up with love.

This morning I brought Buddy Boo into bed with me when he woke up at 5, since I just wasn't ready to face the day at that hour just yet. He lay next to me and rolled into me, just kind of staring at me and smiling. He's in this phase where he uses his hands to explore everything - the dogs, his rice cereal, my face. Inevitably a tiny finger goes up my nose, into my ears, my eyes, a tiny hand grabs hold of my hair. I think his favorite thing to do is to put his whole hand over my mouth (even at this young age, he's trying to get his mom to shut up already).

As we lay there, he would gently let a sound out here and there, and then he would giggle. His giggles rock my world. They fill my entire soul with happiness. And the smile that accompanies those giggles is worth more than anything in the world that I can think of right now.

Buddy Boo's dad has been out of town for a conference this week and returns home today. Hooray! I swear Boo misses his daddy. The other morning he rolled over to where his dad normally sleeps and just uttered "a-ba-da-ba-da. a-da-da-ba-da-da" and stared into the empty space. I know A misses Boo - a lot. I can't wait until we see him tonight and smother him with hugs and kisses. Boo is also big into giving sloppy kisses right now. It's very cute. And surprise, surprise, that also melts my heart.


bird blog said...

M- I'm enjoying reading your blog so much- every day. It's so nice to hear your voice and be updated on Buddy Boo's growing up! Can't wait to see you in person in a month or so. Be good til then, big hug and squeeze...


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Tuesday Girl said...

I know just what you mean.

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