Lions, elephants and dinosaurs in our midst

As far as a baby's speech development goes, Buddy Boo is in a fascinating and interesting phase: the ROOOOOAAAAR! Phase. From the time he gets up to the time he falls asleep at night, he fills the day with high-pitched squeals, roars, and sharp inhales that can sound very much like sounds that would come from elephants, lions or (what I imagine would come from) dinosaurs. The variance of these sounds is intriguing. The pitch, length and vowel-sound used often depends on his mood and his purpose. If he just wants our attention, he often makes a high-pitched squealing sound. If he is amused by something, he may make a dinosaur roar sound. If he's feeling mischievous and just wants to play (which, we've come to realize, is most of the time) his eyes light up, his mouth gets wide, and from his little body comes a sound that is not quite lion-roar, not quite elephant-roar, and not quite Toucan - it's an odd mixture.

This phase is quite amusing for A and I. Boo is so incredibly adorable when he attempts to communicate this way; he's a silly baby just being sweet and playful. Yet this is also simply part of his amazing journey of speech development. Every sound he makes has a reason now, and each day, we are all getting closer to understanding each other. It is truly incredible.