A mom's diet, a son's diet

Today I ate & drank:
-small o.j.
-small 1/2 decaf nonfat with whip :) mocha
-part of a lemon poppyseed muffin
-Izzy all natural blackberry soda (non-carbonated, sugar-free but fantastic!)
-part of a small Charleston chicken salad
-one slice of pizza margherita
-one chocolate chip cookie
-chicken tenders with honey mustard sauce
-french fries with ranch sauce
-not nearly enough water

My diet has never been, shall we say, an example of perfect health. I'm healthy enough, but I have never been strict about what I eat. If I want something, I'll have it. I really don't care what the news says about what the latest "off limits" food is (eggs were great, then they were bad, now they are great again; it's all cyclical), or the latest diets. I love food. Let me say that again: I LOVE FOOD.

When I became pregnant, I realized that all of the yummy food I was enjoying was also being enjoyed by the growing being inside of me. So I started eating more fruits and vegetables. A few months before I got pregnant I switched to decaf coffee. But I also ate cake and/or ice cream every day. Really, every day. At the time I thought it was normal ("No, I don't have any weird cravings"). After Buddy Boo was born, I bloated up like a tugboat bath toy, flub, flub, flub. My face expanded to the size of my ass, which also decided to take a month-long stretch sideways. Yet somehow, that didn't deter my appetite. Cheeseburgers? Yes. Tiramisu? You betcha. Pasta with cream sauce? Oh yeah. And of course, chocolate. Who has time to think about eating healthy when you have a newborn that demands your attention around the clock, and when you need more nutrients because you are nursing? Forget about exercising - I used to love to go jogging but haven't been since my fifth month of pregnancy. Our jogging stroller is the one baby shower gift that is still in its box. Next to the fridge, of course. Thank goodness for breastfeeding. I somehow weigh less than I did pre-Buddy Boo(can someone tell me how much weight gain happens post-breastfeeding? starting to wonder about that now...but I digress).

So as A and I try to impart our values, habits, etc. onto our dear son, I wonder how we'll tackle the healthy eating issue. So our son may not have veggies or fruit with every meal. Not all of his fruits and veggies will be organic. He may eat chicken nuggets and fries every once in a while. Perhaps we'll have pizzas ordered in for Friday night family nights. He most definitely will have cake and ice cream...just not every day as I did for ten months :) I hope, and I think, that he'll be okay. We hope to raise him to have an appreciation for food, to know that most things are great in moderation, and that food is a wonderful part of life to be enjoyed but not abused or refused. We can't eat perfectly, but we can eat happily and healthily.

Now all this writing about food is making me hungry. Later!