Pumpin' through to the weekend

It has been a very long week. I have had 14 meetings, one conference call, wrote several articles, made hundreds of calls, rebalanced my quarterly budget, trained a new employee, have started the hiring process for another (yahoo! help is on the way!) and had the usual numerous last minute additions to my schedule. Right now I am pumping. I wonder how much longer I can keep pumping at work. Too difficult to schedule in. Plus, I'm way too stressed out to get any decent amount of milk pumped. I need to budget for a massage therapist to come to work on my shoulders once a day. I'm just trying to make it through to the weekend, which is almost here, and Boo can have two days of straight nursing. And maybe I can decompress a bit. Oh wait, even on the weekends I still need to pump late at night after Boo goes to bed, so I have enough for him during the week.

How do women do this for months on end? I wonder if I will miss pumping at all when I do stop. Will it be odd? It does give me a sense of attachment to my son even though I am miles away at work. I always wonder how he is doing and what he is doing when I am pumping. Is he eating at home at the same time too? As much of a hassle as it can be trying to pump two or three times a day while at work, it gives me a sense of satisfaction that for those 20 minutes at a time, I am doing something that directly affects my son's well being. It helps me reconnect with him while we are apart.

Done pumping now. Back to the grind. It will end in a couple of hours. Then I can go home and just be Mom for 48 hours with my son.