A sad, sad day for mothers in America

Today was a sad, sad day for America. I have been trying to understand what has happened, but I can't. How could the majority of you vote for an administration that has created a world where fear, oppression, hate, greed and evil govern and infest our daily lives? You have voted to ride the ignorant bliss train for four more years instead of facing the truth and working to heal our country and make things right.

Who are you America?

I blink, and I blink, but all I see staring back at me is a stranger with empty eyes, a heavy heart, and a lost soul. You are desperate for answers but you mistakenly turned to the smirking man in the van with a bag full of candy and lies because he is there eager to feed your fear. You are so scared that you let the Fear Administration hold your hand as you cast your votes. Who are you, America, and how did you get this way?

You have voted to turn back the clock, instead of moving forward. So go ahead. This is your chance. This is your administration. This is your president. If anybody can do it, this president and his axis of evil administration can. They're good at turning back the clock, taking away the rights decades of women and men before us worked so hard to achieve, destroying our families, our natural resources, our economy, our hopes; they're really great at watching out for themselves, and boy, they love to do that. And when they leave you behind, as they have thousands of children, women and men throughout this great country of ours, then perhaps you will no longer be blind. Perhaps you will feel the sting of reality. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

Eleven states passed measures that would alter their state constitutions - their CONSTITUTIONS, for Pete's sake! - to make marriage only between a man and a woman. First of all, was this really necessary? If you voted for this and we know each other, then perhaps I don't know you at all. Do you also oppose my inter-racial marriage? Do you also oppose Freedom, Liberty and Justice for ALL? We allow men who beat their wives to stay married, we allow people who just met to get married, we allow murderers to get married - but two people who love each other very much and have been devoted to each other for decades but just happen to be of the same sex? Oh no, you want to impose your IMmoral values on this very private matter and say "Sorry, but a wife-beater has more rights than you do."

Who ARE you, America?

This is a blog about new motherhood, and if you are wondering what all of this has to do with my son, then you are, quite simply, an idiot. It has everything to do with my son, my family, my role as a new mother. What you told him today with your votes, America, is that we should live in a world of fear and greed. That his freedoms are ensured as long as he is a white, Christian, wealthy, selfish, greedy, hateful and oppressive man. That is what you have told my son, America. I will not raise him with those "values."

Many of you - the majority of my friends and family most definitely - are sharing my anger, my pain, my sorrow. You can foresee the road ahead, and like me, are terrified. Some of you - some friends and family included - are on the opposite side of this matter with me, and that's ok too. I want my son to understand the value of standing up for what you believe in, and if you disagree with me, then let's hold an intelligent debate. I want my son to value the power of his voice, to know his actions can affect change, and to be passionate about his rights, his beliefs, and also his country.

I believe in you, America. I may not recognize you now, but I know your spirit is still strong. I know we will find a way to right the wrongs of the past four years, and the wrongs that are inevitably to come in the next four years. I know we will move forward because we have to. We may have taken two steps back, but eventually (2008?) we will take a giant leap forward. For my son, for your daughter, for yourself. We must find a way to move forward.

PS - to those of you with Halliburton stocks or oil stocks, congratulations! Your evil empire stock rocketed today! Enjoy your greedy, dirty, fattened wallet. Perhaps you can find it in your dark heart to donate some funds to the thousands of poor children who come from low-income families that have been left behind and neglected thanks to Idiot's No Child Left Behind Act.