Sir Laugh A Lot

I love Saturdays. We get up whenever, hang out in our pjs as long as we want, do some housework, play with Buddy Boo all day long, maybe run some errands, and there's even time on Saturdays to make a big yummy dinner. Today was an especially great Saturday. Today was Laugh A Lot day, and Boo was Sir Laugh A Lot. He was in the best mood all day long. Giggling at the dogs. Laughing with his whole body when we made faces at him. Playing peek-a-boo games with us and mimic games and you-make-a-funny-noise-then-I'll-make-a-funny-noise games. He was unstoppable, and really, who would stop a lovable silly baby like that? Not us. He's also been sitting up a lot, and a lot better. He's found his toes and thinks they are funny too, which in turn cracks us up. When he sits in our lap he sits up straight without leaning against us and then he'll lean forward to try to grab whatever is in front of him, and the he'll try to crawl out of our lap (or at least, propel himself forward using the force of his arms and sometimes a foot or two) if something he wants is farther away. A and I watched him in amazement all day. Then it hit us: we really have to babyproof our house, SOON. Oy vey. We're not ready!

What a grand, glorious, happy, happy day.