South Park Stan

Bits and pieces of every child’s personality resemble a cartoon character or two. These characters are, after all, often fashioned after real children. This weekend, our sweet Buddy Boo resembled not sweet Charlie Brown, not naïve and happy-go-lucky Sponge Bob, but rather the sometimes smack-talking yet innocent Stan on Comedy Central’s South Park –for reasons other than the smack-talking :)

We came to this realization when we went to visit with our friend ML who was in town for the week with her baby, little Miss Mary. Buddy Boo hadn’t napped well in the morning, and was probably overwhelmed as it was. Then little Miss Mary wakes up from her nap and with bright beautiful eyes and a mischievous grin she started reaching for Boo, giving him loving pats on the head, squealing in excited delight. She is an absolutely adorable six month old baby girl – so cute and playful. Boo was curious but not his usual “Hey, another baby, let’s play!” self. He was tired. Actually, no thanks to us, he was likely overtired because he passed out as soon as we left. He just ate. And so he proceeded to spit up. At first, there were the usual dribbles here and there. No big deal. Then there was a nice splat on their carpet, followed by more splats over my shoulder, and a fabulous grand finale of one big vomit onto my jeans and their carpet. We felt terrible, but we also thought it was odd. He hadn’t spit up like that for weeks.

Later that night, it hit us: he had Southpark Stan syndrome. On the show, every time Stan’s girlfriend would come up to him, said his name, or just appeared near him, Stan would throw up. Perhaps this was a precursor to the bashful and nervous boy our Boo would become around girls later in life. Perhaps it was just coincidence. Either way, when we discussed the possibility of our little Boo throwing up around little girls, it made us giggle in a we-shouldn’t-laugh-but-it’s-kind-of-funny sort of way.

Our little Boo. See Girl, Vomit. Girl Touches Boo, Vomit. Girl Talks to Boo, Vomit. It’s a bit amusing when you think about it that way (or perhaps we’re just warped parents). Maybe tomorrow he will do something to remind us of Elmo, or Kermit the Frog, or Winnie the Pooh, but for at least the next few days, we’ll celebrate his resemblance to South Park Stan (again, just the spitting up part – not the random cursing; that’s probably just a few years down the road, eh?).