Thank You

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for:
-Life. Glorious, hideous, beautiful, surprising Life.
-My son, who is our life.
-My husband, who is my soul.
-My great-grandmother, who deserves to be in a category all her own as she turns 101 years old next month.
-My family. I love them all dearly. Each and every one.
-My friends. Supportive, encouraging, honest, silly, sassy, special. I am so lucky and I love them all.
-Our dogs
-Our house
-Creative differences
-Strong women
-Italian shoes
-Laptops and Wi-Fi
-Seafood. Better yet, seafood pasta
-Eco-friendly residential & commercial builders
-Organic farmers
-Beautiful beaming burping babies
-New York City
-Hot cocoa with marshmallows on cold winter days
-Small business entrepreneurs
-The Pacific Ocean
-Hybrid cars
-Cardigan sweaters
-Whole Foods Market
-Places where you don't have to wait in line for an hour for Sunday Brunch
-People who are smarter, more traveled, and better read than me so I can learn from them
-Happy hour
-The promise of the future
-The beauty of the past

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.