Turkey, turkey. turkey

One of the top ten songs that freqents my mind randomly throughout the day is Adam Sandler singing his Thanksgiving song from an SNL skit. You know the one.

Tomorrow is Buddy Boo's first Thanksgiving. His squash awaits (he likes squash!), while A and I are eagerly anticipating the monsterous Thanksgiving Day meal my mother traditionally creates. We'll be spending the day tomorrow creating two dishes we've never made: Herbed Bread Stuffing with Mushrooms and Sausage and Brandied Caramel Apple Crumble. I was going to start the prep work tonight (lots of chopping involved with both dishes), but suddenly it's 7pm and I find myself instead in my jammies, eating a banana, writing this blog, watching Ken Jennings continue his insane winning streak on Jeopardy while simultaneously doing the bills and eagerly awaiting the new episodes of Lost, The West Wing, and The Apprentice. There will be no prep work done tonight.

We haven't put much thought into this being our son's first Thanksgiving. We're more focused on his first Christmas. I don't think he'll appreciate Thanksgiving as much as he will next year, when he can partake in more of the turkey day eats. At least with Christmas, there are twinkling lights, crinkly noisy wrapping paper, bright colors, snappy songs, and presents to be opened and enjoyed - as well as the good eats. We're totally stoked for Christmas this year.

I think as parents we probably have to pick and choose which holidays to really fuss over, and which to let slide just a bit. Otherwise, I can see how some families go mad over the holidays, instead of enjoying them as much as they could. This is how I see our first holidays going: Thanksgiving-small deal; Christmas-big deal; New Year's-small deal; Valentine's Day-small deal; Easter-semi-big deal; First Birthday-DAMN big deal (the theme has already been chosen and the menu and decor are being planned...I, I mean, We can't wait!); Memorial Day-BBQ deal; July 4th-BBQ deal...and so on.

Ann Coulter is on television now. I must go and berate her now with my husband. How this woman continues to get booked on shows, I'll never know (except that she is so ridiculously uninformed and stupid that she makes for good television).

This is much more productive than getting meals ready for tomorrow :-)