Twas the Night Before the Election...

...and all through the house, Buddy Boo is stirring in his crib threatening to wake up, Crazy Dog #1 is tormenting Crazy Dog #2, dirty dishes have piled up where just a few minutes ago there were none, a pile of work calls to me from the kitchen table, and my shoulders and back are grimacing in desperate need of a massage. Tense, perhaps, from the fear of what could happen on election day...and night. I know I will be glued to the television until that last vote is counted. Brokaw, Jennings, Rather, Blitzer, Stewart - I watch them all. If we had a wall full of televisions I know that A and I could easily have a screen for each station we wanted to keep an eye on.

We really should get the day off from work tomorrow.

A and I voted as soon as we got our ballots in the mail. Now to everyone out there who hasn't yet, GET OUT AND VOTE!!!!