Happy Friday

Today is Friday. Hooray! This week, Boo has been extra talkative, extra cuddly, and extra mobile. We ordered a big playmat for our hardwoods so he can tumble and crawl as he wishes in our living room without banging his little noggin on the hardwood floor. We're thinking of introducing the sippy cup since he's been trying to drink our water every time we bring a glass up to our mouths. He's actually grabbed my glass of water once and just sucked on the outside of the glass. Hmmm, time for his own cup, I think. We're still trying to finalize our Christmas dinner menu. We started compiling our huge donation to The Arc (I think we have enough old clothes, dishes and CDs and stuff to open up our own resale store by now!). We're trying to figure out which holiday parties we are going to attend and which we just have to say no to. We're weaning Boo off of his reflux medicine - slowly. I'm starting to pump less, mainly because I just don't have time at work when I can do this anymore, so it's down to two sessions, and sometimes just one. Our Christmas tree is up and there are more presents under the tree for Boo than A and I combined (rightfully so). It's a fun time of year, and even more fun this year with Boo.