Hi dada

During the week, mornings have become our favorite time of day. We bring Boo to bed with us when he first wakes up, give him a little snack, and then he usually giggles a bit and goes back to sleep in our bed. Yesterday morning, Boo was in bed with us and A said "Say Hi Dada" expecting Boo to give us his usual big smile and a little cooing. Instead, he simply and immediately replied "Hi Dada." Suddenly, A and I were wide awake. A looked at me, looked at Boo, and then said to our little baby "Say Mama." That was promptly followed by Boo saying in his sweet little voice "Mama." Were we imagining it? Were we hearing things? We don't think so. Boo definitely copied his Dada.

The elation we felt in that moment lasted all day, and pieces linger with us still. It's so exciting, and so scary. He's sitting up like he's always known how, he's walking around with us just holding his hands, he's trying to crawl, and now he's repeated two of the greatest phrases we've been waiting to hear...and now I'm not sure either of us are ready for him to say them again. I know it will be a process that will take some time, but the time always goes much faster than I imagine it would.

Tonight Boo went to an art opening with us and he wasn't talkative at all. He was just cute little baby Boo who loves to smile when others smile at him and take in everything around him. I relished tonight, watching him hold onto his Dada's shoulder, looking around and watching him communicate nonverbally. He's so cute!!