The Six Month Amazing Circus

Buddy Boo, at six months, is the picture of baby fun. A and I are so amazed at everything he has learned in just the last month alone, and we're loving just watching him for minutes on end. He's sitting up by himself. He's grabbing objects near and far, reaching for them, grabbing things from store shelves, raking toys toward him with his cute little hands. And then, of course, putting those objects in his mouth. He's babbling nonstop. In the mornings, we wake up to "dadadada...dadabababa...badadalalababa" singing through the baby monitor. He's leaning forward to eat his toes. He's learning to go to sleep on his own so well, without any sleep aids. He's stopped crying in the car if one of us isn't back there with him. He's wolfing down peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, green beans, peaches like there's no tomorrow. He's starting to get separation anxiety when we leave. He loves paper, especially tissue wrapping paper. He loves the sound paper makes as he smashes it between his hands. He loves to nibble on the corners of our photo albums and magazines. He's reaching for other babies and patting them with interest at baby group. We love every phase he's been through so far, but this phase right now, this amazing big top circus phase, is by far the most fun and incredible for us.