Crawling toward...crawling

I've found myself lately succumbing to the dreaded baby comparing game. The "Jimmy started crawling at 6 months, why isn't Boo?" He's so close. He wants to crawl. You can see it in his eyes when he lunges for a toy just a little bit out of reach. You can see the excitement in his face as he leans forward from the sitting position and tentatively thrusts his body forward putting pressure on his hands. He's just not there yet. I know he has time. Lots of it. Yet I can't help but be a bit overanxious for him to crawl. And talk. What's wrong with me? I know these days don't last forever, yet here I am hoping he'll move on to the next phase. I'm a hypocrite...I want these phases to last forever, but I can't wait until the next phase starts. Or maybe I'm just a normal neurotic new first time mom.

I'm feeling the same way about his teeth. He's been teething now for, oh, just about...four freakin' months! Every week, A and I say "it's gotta be soon." And here we are, four months later, smiling back at the gummy toothless big ol' grin from our Boo. Boo, who has been drooling uncontrollably and feeling around his gums -sometimes in brief pain, poor baby - for what feels like four months too long. I know it's normal for babies to get teeth anytime between now and even a year, but good lord.

Boo seems to have way too many toys these days. Thanks, in part, to Grandma J. Whenever she comes over, A calls it "New Clothes Day" at our house. Lately, it has been "New Toy Day." Today, she came over with three toys. All very cute, very fun, and very educational. He especially loves this snakey, colorful dog toy, and a soft plastic holey ball (forgive my horrible descriptions). I'm secretly hoping the ball will help him crawl because it rolls away from him and he tries to get it... Bad, bad mama. I know. Oh well.

He's really big on tags now, like most babies I guess. He has this blanket that has different colored tags all around the edges, and that goes everywhere with us these days. He loves it! His baby friends at the baby group love it to. He's okay with sharing the tags.

We've started putting Ducky in Boo's crib at night when he goes to sleep. It seems to comfort him and also help him sleep. I know anything besides the baby in the crib is a SIDS hazard, but when does that risk go away? He's been rolling over and all that for a while now so I guess the risk lessens once they are more mobile. He loves Ducky. We've also started giving him Ducky for naps, which seems to help.

So we've really started focusing and trying to be more consistent with our nighttime routine. It seems to help. The past few nights, he has slept from either 7 or 8pm until 5am. We're talking straight, good sleep, too, not the normal sometimes restless sleep babies have. Not a peep until he gets up and starts babbling toward the moniter ("Hello! Dada and mama! I'm awake...wide awake...and I'm ready to play! I'll just keep talking until someone comes in here... Hello?"). Then he goes back to sleep after eating at 5 and gets up again around 7 or so. It's been great for us! We're thinking now that those sleep routine advocates aren't just talking jibberish... of course, all this can change tonight... and then change back the next night.

Babies are awesome. Right now he is rolling around on his floor mat. Just rolling around and around, after sitting up for a long time and taking turns playing with the different toys around him. He's awesome. Must go play now!