Ha ha ha

When do we begin to monitor our laugh-o-meter? At what age do we start carefully measuring how much laughter escapes from our lips after assessing the appropriateness of said reaction?

Today, Boo suddenly just laughed out loud - the greatest laugh in the world - after watching our youngest dog chase after her chew toy that she kept dropping on the floor. Boo had been intently watching the dog's circus-like antics and just suddenly let out a wonderful whole hearted bellowing laugh. It was the best part of my day. I play that moment over and over in my mind, and I am in heaven.

This wasn't the first time he had done that. He laughs all day long at funny faces, peek-a-boo, silly noises. He loves to smile and giggles with his whole body. For some reason, that moment today just filled my heart more than ever before, and I really realized how lucky we are to have each other and to enjoy each other's laughter whenever possible.

Children laugh all the time. Even when we boring adults deem the situation inappropriate for laughter. We don't laugh nearly as much as I am sure we all used to. At work, we monitor our laughter to make sure it doesn't carry or disturb others. Who the hell cares?! I LOVE laughing! And I hope we provide Boo an environment in which he feels comfortable laughing out loud whenever, and wherever, he can.

I love Boo's laugh. It is the greatest sound in the whole world (Oh, along with when he looks at me and he says "Mm-moom...mom...mama." I love that!!!). Let us all laugh out loud as much as possible.


betty said...

Hearing their first real laughter like that is such a memorable moment! My DD's first real laughter like that was when she was 5 months old, and I waved a small blanket back and forth in front of her face. I don't know why she thought it was funny, but she did. She just kept laughing and wouldn't stop. To make sure that it wasn't fluke, I remember doing it again, and got the exact same reaction! It was amazing.

My DS's first real laughter was when he was 3 months old. We discovered by accident that when his big sis jumped up and down and flapped her arms up and down in front of him caused him to crack up. We got a pretty consistent reaction from him every time that she did this. I wish I had videotaped it.

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