No Damn Dime Day/I'm Damn Old Day

I made it! Well...almost...in a way...ok, not really. I failed you, my fellow anti-Bush pals. I came very close though. I didn't spend a damn dime in protest all day. That is, until around 9pm. But that's midnight on the East Coast, so as I handed over my card to pay for gas (damn bells and neon refuel lights shouting "REFUEL!"), I rationalized that in a way, I made it all day in protest. But then I needed to buy formula, and while I was there realized we needed a few other items. And then I needed to buy dinner. I left work at 8 pm and I left hungry.

So, I am not very good at even a simple act of protest as No Damn Dime Day. I really tried! Bush spent a little bit more than I did, though, attending 10 different black tie affairs tonight. Bastard. Locally, there were three main organized protests, all pretty large, and they were pretty damn peaceful. It was interesting.

On another note, a 16-pound baby was just on TV. Sound normal? This baby was just two days old! Oy vey, that poor mother. They say God makes babies to fit their mommies, but is there really a woman who is physically suitable to give birth to a 16-pound baby?

So back to No Damn Dime Day. Tonight also made it I'm Damn Old Day. Driving home from work I felt like it was SO late. It wasn't really, but I felt a weird sense of exhiliration being out driving around at 9, like it was a wild and crazy idea or something. I am SO old.

Then I remembered that after Boo was born A and I used to be out driving around late at night - in hopes of getting him to stop crying. We'd be out at 10 pm, sometimes 12:30 am, sometimes 2 or 3 am. I think we only did that a handful of times, but how did we make it at work the following day? Oh that's right - we were both off work during that period. Don't know if I could do it now. Well, I guess I'd have to.

It's 10 p.m. I'm so tired. I'm so old.