Shop, Shop, Shop

Shop, shop, shop. I love shopping. There's no fighting it, this mama loves a good deal. Sometimes I think that on the long list of reasons to keep my job is to help me selfishly afford pretty things. I just love pretty things. Handbags, shoes, cards, sweaters, necklaces, photo albums, journals, paper. I am a pretty paper fiend. Having a baby has definitely not curbed my shopping habit. At least I have an aversion to buying things full price; this mama is a deal finder. The exception: baby items (other than clothing - we won't spend a lot on his clothes). We pay full price for gear if we need it instead of going for just what's on sale. With Boo's stuff, we don't compromise.

January sales are like no other. This is the time to buy, ladies. And buy, I shall. In fact, I just bought an awesome red croc overnight bag I've had my eye on since it was first released in November. I am excited to break it in on an upcoming trip to San Fran. It's beautiful. And it was half off. Even more lovely.

Shoes are another issue. I have been searching for new shoes for the past five months. No kidding. Brown boots, brown and sky blue cute pumps, ribbon pumps, sassy pink boots. Every time I find a pair I love, I find out they no longer have my size or they are completely out of stock of that style. Go figure. I really want new shoes. Do I need them? Mmm...yes. I think I do :-) Sometimes my rationale is that I work in a creative atmosphere where I am surrounded by people who really are pretty put together and we tend to talk about clothes and shoes and handbags a lot at work...so I need to be put together for work, right? I'm representing a lot of people, so....I think that means new shoes are a necessity!

Now to be fair, I love spending money on Boo even more than on myself. Shoe shopping for babies is just as fun. Love the Robeez. If anyone has a new pair of red monkey Robeez in 12-18 months, please let me know. They're never in stock in any of the stores, and we just keep putting off buying them online. The lions are cute too. He has the puppies in light blue.

Shopping for gifts is fun as well. Many birthdays to celebrate this month - eight total within our group of friends and family. It's getting harder to shop for some friends though. I wish everyone would create online wish lists and keep them updated year-round. My immediately family does, and a few of my friends do, and it's so helpful. Although all I personally want this year are gift certificates to my fave paper stores. I've been to three different paper stores about 6 times in the past week or so. Granted, I am working on some wedding invitations for a few folks, but I also seem to buy fun extras while I am there...

Shop, shop, shop. I love pretty things. I'm not afraid to admit it: I am a consumer in this consumer world. Baby or no baby, I budget for those fun little items that just make me happy. I don't always buy, mind you. I like to look a lot, but items go through a strict mental and emotional checklist before I actually shell out the bucks to buy. And I'm not afraid to return items that suddenly don't meet that checklist once I get them home.

Now, all this being said, I am not going to spend a dime tomorrow for No Damn Dime Day. The protestors, on the other hand, are already plotting to take over our city streets from about 2pm until about 5pm. I may need to get more gas tomorrow in order to make it from work to home since I anticipate the protestors will stop traffic for a while, as usual. That's ok with me. I was once out there on the streets chanting as well (during Bush Sr. days). Tomorrow may just give me a chance to window shop while in traffic... shop, shop, shop :-)


Roonie said...

Damnit, I need to shop for groceries tomorrow. But I hate Dubya. Maybe I'll just deposit my check and sit tight. I need gas, too...

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