Textbook babes - beware the 6-8 month night wakings

Buddy Boo has been, for the most part, a textbook baby. He's been reaching developmental milestones right when I read he's supposed to. He has reflux and eczema, but othat than those two things he's been following the books to the tee.

We're learning that having a textbook baby is not all fun and games. At his age, it's supposed to be normal for most babies who have been known to sleep through the night to start night wakings again. There's so much they are learning that they want to stay up and practice. Their minds are racing with all of the excitement this stage brings. Well, our little Boo is right on track. His normal 7:30pm - 4:30am/5:30am-7:00am sleep time has been disrupted the past two nights with frequent wakings. He's usually able to go right back to sleep if he finds his pacifier, but last night he woke up at around 2:30 wide awake and ready to eat. Then he woke up at his normal 7am ready to play.

I used to be able to run at 110% on just four hours of sleep. Those days seem a very distant memory now. I'm tired all the time. There's tired, and then there's Mommy Tired, and this is more than new mom tired. My shoulders ache with each pound he gains. My back aches with each breastfeeding session. With all of the madness that goes on getting everyone ready in the mornings, I am no longer a "Hey, what a great new day! Let's get going!" morning person (actually, I believe this ended during pregnancy when I learned what pregnancy tired really meant). I was doing just fine with his normal sleep schedule. The past two nights I've gone past Mommy Tired to Zombie Tired.

I know Boo will go back to sleeping through the night because that's what the books say, and he's pretty predictable that way. Even though it's only been a couple of nights of restless sleep, it feels like an eternity in my mind (and my body). I know he's really excited about all of the new developments in this stage - the sitting up, learning to crawl, focusing on and grasping objects with precision, the babble that somewhat makes sense. It's all very exciting to us too. We're having so much fun these days!

But we're tired. Have I mentioned this yet?