Surburbia called...and we answered

It's official. We are moving to the Burbs.

Bye bye, endless dining out options. Bye bye, last minute stops to the corner store for beer on the way to a friend's house. Bye bye, easy access to anything and everything. Bye bye, diverse neighborhood.

Hello, longer commute to work. Hello, having our yard maintenance under careful watch of our neighbors. Hello, chain restaurants and strip malls.

Hello, home. Our home. Beautiful newer home that we don't have to spend any money to upgrade. Beautiful neighborhood with wide, clean, safe streets. Beautiful space in which to grow our fun little family. Boo loves the new place already. We think the dogs will love it too. It's better all around, for all of us. It will just be a big and beautiful change.

I have been psyching myself up for The Move. Not really the actual moving part itself, which has actually been kind of fun to tell you the truth, but the getting used to not being as close to the things we love about our city. It is a lifestyle change. Granted, we're moving less than 30 miles away, but there is a huge difference in the lifestyle in these two neighborhoods. I always thought that our next move would be to a bigger city. Boston. New York. Paris. London. Not small town USA. It's not even Small Town USA, which is what makes my anxiety so ridiculous! What's wrong with me?

We LOVE our new house. We'd have to pay $300K more for the same kind of house in the city. I've written about this before. It is important to us that Boo grows up in a clean, baby friendly, roomy house and safe neighborhood with a good school system. So here we go...

Maybe it just makes me feel so old. Almost too grown up. A and I aren't ready to be that grown up yet. We're still kids ourselves, in our minds. But here we are, watching in utter amazement as our little son quickly becomes a big boy. He depends on us to make the right decisions. The amount of responsibility we now have is overwhelming at times, and yet so incredibly satisfying. We're providing for our son, and in the end, it is that expression of love that is all that matters.