Global warming is messing up our planet, and messing with our heads here in the Pacific Northwest. It has been in the high 60s and sunny all week and is expected to be 70 or so by Friday and the weekend. How can we go back to the usual Springtime grey skies and rain that will inevitably return? We've seen the sun, felt the heat, and now we can't go back.

Thanks a lot Mother Nature. Or shall I say, thanks a lot, polluters and CFCs. I blame the greedy Bush administration too, but they are at fault for most of the country's woes today so I won't open that can of worms. Not today, anyway.

Today I will write about the sunshine. The natural and the metaphorical that bloomed today.

Yesterday our house hit the market. Tonight we received two offers. We accepted one. A lovely couple just starting out. Call me sentimental but I want to know that we are passing along our lovely and loving home to a lovely and loving couple who will share many happy experiences in it as we did as a young budding family. Since getting our home ready for sale, I have been hit quite hard by the sentimental bug. I love this house. It is a great, warm, beautiful Craftsman home with details you can't find in today's modern homes. It is our first house, where we have built so many beautiful memories. It has been so good to us. I have had seller's remorse - I just don't want to let go. But let go and move on we must, and it is a relief that we can breathe easier now and do so.

We are excited to watch Boo grow up in our new house. I've been told that we'll hate it out in the Burbs and that we'll be back. I've been told we're just not Burbs people, and that we'll be back. Oh I know we'll be back. We've already talked about where to buy in the city once Boo is grown up and our nest is empty. But for now, I am looking forward to our new house on a quiet street and our new life to come.

I'm forging new ground for myself at work too. I love being a mom, but damn I love my other job too. I have this renewed energy and optimism about work. I realized that I don't have to conform to any norms, that I can create my own future and craft my own professional destiny, and that if I follow my values and beliefs and my passion then whatever path I take will be valuable and fulfilling.

Being fulfilled at work has helped me be a better mom at home. I revel in time with Boo. He is expanding his vocabulary (he told one of our dogs she was "bad" twice and has said "tickle, tickle, tickle" a couple of times!) and also his diet (spaghetti today, bits of unbuttered/unsalted breadstick yesterday). He's playing games with us, and so active and mobile. He's so much fun! What a great joy to be a mom. it really is the best, best, BEST thing in the whole world.

Sunshine is everywhere these days. It's a beautiful world.