General Boo Update

Boo is such a ham. He loves to laugh and make other people laugh. He's mischievous, our little Boo, and my husband and I are bracing ourselves for a very busy next few years.

He's all over the place. Still not crawling, really. At least, not forward, but he zooms backward like a speed train. It's kind of amusing to watch. All he wants to do is stand, and walk. He walks better than I do sometimes, as long as he is holding on to something. He can stand on his own for what feels like eternity, but is really more like about 10-15 seconds. I am just waiting for him to be standing there and then all of a sudden just start walking without help. We have the feeling he's that kind of kid. Whenever he feels like doing something, he'll just do it.

He FINALLY has his teeth. They came in at the end of March, and they just keep coming. He started with one bottom one, and now has two on the bottom, one on the top, with another on top coming in and another on the bottom coming in. He loves to feel his teeth and mash food up in his mouth. So fun to watch.

He's still sleeping really well too. 10-11 hours straight at night, and two hour or so naps during the day.

He can say "mama," "dada," papa and mama," "dog," hi mama," (that one was new as of this morning) and "ba-ba" for his bottle. Boo also says "yum yum" when he eats, and he says "got it" or "i got it" in that garbled baby speak when he grabs something sometimes.

He's ok with the sippy cup. He loves to pull my hair (which I FINALLY got my haircut after five months of being lazy), pat my face, and pat my husband's belly. It's cute.

When we leave for work, he has to walk - no, make that march/run - us to the door to say goodbye. Very cute. It's the best visual for us to carry around throughout our work day.

Boo still talks nonstop. Wakes up talking. Talks the whole time we are in a store. Talks and laughs to himself in the car. Talks himself to sleep. We're sort of enjoying this time when his talk isn't yet coherent, this time when we don't yet have to have answers to his many questions, or we can't understand that he's really commenting on all of the things he thinks we are doing wrong as parents. The babble is great. But we know the words are coming soon enough.