Internet Rant

I am so PISSED right now at our internet service provider. Comcast. That’s right, when I am pissed, I name names. I am actually typing this (again) in a Word document to later upload onto my blog because, yet again, for about the ninth time in the two weeks that we’ve lived here, our internet is down. There’s another outage in our area. A couple of times it wasn’t an outage, but something about the way the lines were set up in our new home that caused the Internet to be down. It stinks, either way. I have to have the Internet in order to get work done at home, and I’m sick of dealing with one problem after another. Too many problems in such a short span of time. It’s unacceptable! And of course, they have a monopoly on the industry. I need high-speed Internet for work. Plus, with a 10-month-old, those extra seconds I save on wait time are priceless.

Stupid Comcast Cable. You suck. If anyone else in the high-speed market is listening, I implore you, please, get your product out there! Save us! Give us options!