Mac update

Thanks to everyone who wrote a kind comment or sent a kind email regarding my post about our beloved pup Mac. To give you a short update, we basically decided that we weren't being fair, that we had only lived in our new house for three weeks, and we needed to give her more of a chance. And we needed to try a bit harder. In a nutshell, we have raised Mac and fallen so in love with her and we just can't part with her. At least, not now. She has seemed to have calmed down a bit since my last post about her. We watched her play with our older dog, and that was what cemented this new turn for us. We owed it to our older dog also to give it a longer try. The two dogs really depend on one another now, and even though Mac was being aggressive toward Thor after we moved, she has stopped that. She has also stopped peeing in the house, and she's barking less. Maybe she just needed time after all. Or maybe somehow she knew. Our dogs are pretty intuitive to our moods.

So, we are still struggling to balance a household with two, active big dogs and one very, very active little almost-11 month old. We had a great week and weekend, and we hope that things will improve with Mac. Thanks again for all of your support. It means a lot.