Moving - actually Everything - is harder with a baby

We're all moved in to our new place! We spent four days moving, painting, unpacking...I never want to move again within the next 10 years. But it was worth it. We love our new home, the neighborhood and our new day to day lives. My fears of an undiverse neighborhood were completely off base; on our small street alone there are Asian, Native American, and Hispanic families. It's great! Everybody has at least one kid, and at least one big dog. It's perfect.

Moving, we now know, is especially a bitch when you have a baby. We couldn't have done everything we did in the time that we did if it weren't for friends and family helping out.

Which brings me to today's topic at hand: everything is harder and takes longer with a baby. I have really tried to maintain a schedule and lifestyle that is not so far from the one my husband and I had pre-baby, but let's face it: that life ain't never a comin' back. We love this new life though, and wouldn't trade it for anything, but there's not a single moment in our daily life that doesn't take more logistical planning thanks to little Boo.

Here is a short list of daily activities/tasks that have taken longer or more planning in order to accomplish with Boo around:
-showering (must be strategically timed and short)
-putting clothes away
-cooking (put baby in highchair, give toys and snacks, keep baby entertained while cooking, constantly refill his snacks, make up new game after he's bored with the first 50 to keep him entertained)
-getting a drink of water
-going grocery shopping
-starting an email
-opening one piece of mail
-eating (AKA grabbing a handful of Cheerios on the way out the door)
-getting into the car to go someplace (20 minutes minimum ordeal; less means I forgot something, most likely something important like a nipple for the bottle)
-getting out of the car
-getting ready to go someplace (restock diaper bag, stock bottle bag, bring extra toys and change of clothes, change his diaper, where are my keys? cell phone? wallet? which diaper bag is each in?)
-getting around to calling your friends (nap time? oops, he just woke up. after he goes to sleep? I usually want to hit just hit the hay myself. I have found that making calls from my cell phone in the car is the only time I can count on at least a few minutes. Yes, I am THAT driver - the one you just yelled at to get off her cell phone).
-going to the bathroom (try going to the bathroom without getting sidetracked by clothes that need to be put away, toys that need to be put aside, dirty dishes that need to be rinsed, and dogs that need to go do their own business).
-breathing (thankfully, our bodies somehow remember to do this for us, or else, I don't think any mom would make it past day one remembering to take a breath in between all of the baby needs, which is EVERYTHING).

I truly love my Boo. He is such a joy. But I salute the frazzled moms everywhere who forgot to put make up on their other eye or have a glove compartment full of McD's bags from a month ago - somehow moms everywhere manage to live full happy lives, I just know now that they are lives that take a little bit longer - and a lot more patience - to live.


betty said...

How exciting to finally be in your new home!

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Carrie said...

it's funny how I found your site after a day of despair in motherhood. NOW I'm in a mentally better place to read and hear the hope and inspiration that is all around me.... two days ago? not so much.

either way-- I'm enjoying your site. I relate on SO MUCH of what you write! especially the phone calls....

congrats and good luck on your move. (we just moved across the country... eeek!)

keep blogging!

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