Wednesday Boo update

Like my creative headline? Yeah, it's Wednesday. What a crazy day. Just wanted to write a quick Boo update (you all realize that blogs help those of us who forget to actually write things when we are supposed to in the baby books, right? I'll just sit down and fill in all the blanks later...like before he is four).

Boo started clapping - really clapping - last week. Now he does it all the time. SO cute. He knows when to clap, too, and he's so proud of it that he claps some more.

He has started to say "quack." As in, the Duck says Quack. SO cute too. Actually, he really says "quack, quack." His favorite book at the moment is Quack (ironic? not at all). He loves having me read it over and over and over to him. He also still likes his Elmo book because of the cool sounds it makes when you press the buttons (esp. the Elmo button. Over and over and over and...).

Boo also still enjoys taking all of his books off the shelf, inspecting each one, and then placing some back.

He is cruising like a little man with places to go, people to see. He's getting fast, he's getting confident, and we're starting to get scared about not babyproofing enough. Hello, weekend activity!

We realize that we keep saying Boo doesn't crawl, but he really does in a way. He just isn't crawling from one side of the room to another. He crawls to where he needs to go, and then pulls himself up, like he doesn't have time for the crawling thing.

He turns 11 months tomorrow. Holy cow! I meant to say something else, but really, I am trying to curb my cursing nowadays. He loves to mimic whatever we say. Let the fun begin.