The First Birthday

Well, it's done. We celebrated Boo's first birthday with a barnyard theme party complete with tractor cake, dogs donning bandanas, barnyard theme cups, and rented straw bales. About 20 or so family and friends came over for a small barbecue and cake and ice cream. Boo napped right before the party and conked out again shortly before it ended. He opened his gifts (or rather, I opened while he surveyed the goods) like a trooper. It was a great experience for us, and we hope he enjoyed it. There are, of course, many many photos and also a couple of videos that he can watch later on since we know he won't remember a moment of it.

I love this stuff - birthdays, celebrations, happy gatherings. If all I could do in life was to bring people together by having fun parties and cooking and baking for others, I'd love it.


Shiner said...

Having just followed a link on my blog to yours, I started to read many of your posts, (but not all!!)

He's certainly one heck of a lucky baby. And you are right, the party isn't so much for him, but for the adults, but more specifically for the parents. Not only a celebration of the miracle that happened one year ago, but the fact that you survived the year without going insane (why is he quiet, what is he doing, the business trips etc etc).

My wife stayed at home for the first 3 months with our first and then he went to a nanny who had a couple of other children. (I was still in the RN at the time, but shore based so not at sea). The speed of development we noticed because of his interaction with other children was very obvious to us. And we did the same with our second. And even though my wife didn't return to work when our third was born (which reminds me there should be a site for catholic mums...), she made sure she found a mums and tots group, and ended up forming one with some other local mums. Eilis (our daughter was two when we moved to Fort Worth from the UK and we had no qualms putting her into 1/2 day attendance at the daycare center that was quite local. All of children have developed great socializing skills because of it, and I am sure are further advanced educationally as well. Even more so since we have moved back to the UK now (after 3 years out there).

Stay at home, or go to work? I don't believe there to be a right or wrong answer. I'd recommend the go to work option. Then you get to see that welcome home smile more often.

Nice blog btw.


Chris (http://www.yaps4u.net)

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