Little Screamer

We love Boo. We love everything about him. His quirks, his growing personality, his increasing independence. We do love him dearly. But...we will be glad when a little phase we like to call the "Screamer" phase is over.

Boo screams. This is a relatively new thing. If we don't feed him fast enough, he sets off a series of short, high-pitched squeals/screams. If he is bored, he screams. When all seems fine and we think he can't possibly scream, he screams. He is loud (just like his mama!) and stubborn (just like his papa!) and sometimes very cute when he does this, but the cute factor is quickly overridden by the piercing of our eardrums.

We gently tell him that we do not scream. To which, he studies our faces carefully, cocks his head to the side thoughtfully, and then screams.

We firmly tell him "No screaming" followed up by gentle but firm alternatives "We ask 'please, can I have more food?'" To which, he furrows his brow and purses his little lips. And then lets out a scream.

And then, when he is done - whether that is one short scream, three, or several little streams of screaming bouts in a row - he smiles and laughs and goes back to playing or eating or whatever he was doing.

Yes, we love our little Boo. But we do not love the screaming phase as much as, say, the First Laugh or First Step phase.