Mama's Day

Today is my first Mother's Day as a Mom. It was a beautiful day, filled with family and yummy food. My husband and Boo gave me a beautiful frame with Boo's charcoal handprints. It's the best piece of art we own now. Today was a chance to reflect on what Motherhood has meant to me this past year, how it has forever changed me and my husband, and how much I love being a mom to my dear, sweet little boy.

So this Mother's Day is really a tribute to my son, for all of the wonderful gifts he has given me and lessons he has taught me throughout the year. For teaching me to be so thankful for all of the beautiful daily joys of Motherhood. This Mother's Day, I am thankful for:
-the greatest giggle I have ever heard coming out of such a tiny little body
-my son's constant knowing smile
-the gentle tap on my face or pull of my hair to wake up
-ten tiny, tiny little toes
-watching my husband and my son play and be silly together
-adorable sleepers with blue dinosaurs and pirate puppies on them
-knowing exactly when it's safe to change a poopy diaper....and when it is not
-Cheerios, Cheerios everywhere
-watching my son walk toward me with such will and eagerness as he holds on to any piece of furniture he can find
-sharing breakfast yogurt and dinner pasta
-excited little squeals
-my son clapping when he thinks he's done something really great, like taking a drink from his sippy cup
-hearing the word "Mom!" screached from the face of a panicked little 11-month-old when I've taken away his pears before he was finished (the pears were quickly returned)
-Boo "talking" his way through an entire store, or, like today, through an entire mall
-hearing my son say "Dada!" with a happy smile when my husband walks into the room
-how my son and our dogs have become such great play pals
-talking about everything we do and watching Boo listen with interest as we explain how we are loading the dishwasher
-looking into the grocery cart to find some random item that Boo believed we had to have
-big, wet, sloppy baby kisses
-big, warm, tired hugs
-big baby yawns
-Boo laughing his way through hiccups
-my son, just as he is, in every moment of every day.

Perhaps in future Mother's Days I will want to be thanked for what I have done. I'll tell Boo "I was in labor with you for 17 hours and had two failed epidurals!" But there's time for that later. This year I feel I haven't done a thing - it is Boo who has done all of the hard work growing and learning how to be a human being in this world. I am just lucky enough to be along for the ride. Thank you, Boo, for teaching me how wonderful a gift it is to be a Mom. I cherish this gift every single moment of my days.