Beach Day

Today we went to the beach. Not the normal one we go to that is about an hour away, but one a little further. It was such a beautiful day, and Boo had the best time. We went to the aquarium, walked on the beach, ran into a couple of friends who happened to be in town for a law meeting at the same time, enjoyed a leisurely lunch, and hung out for a bit. Boo loves exploring and discovering new things. Flowers, plants of all kinds, fish, turtles, sharks, sand, new floors he's never crawled or walked on, rocks, birds, oddly textured beach wood. He's so into checking everything out and we love watching him learn. He laughed and smiled so much today. It was the best day ever.

He slept for two hours on the way there, and two hours on the way back. We were so worried that he wouldn't sleep at night until late, but we did the routine and he fell asleep so well around 8:45 tonight.

We want to get a beach house so badly. I don't know how people live land locked. Maybe it's because every state I've lived in has been near either coast, and I've never had to be away from the ocean, but honestly, I could never live more than a couple of hours away from the ocean, any ocean. I'm glad that Boo shares the same love of the beach that we do. He was so crazy fun today. We can't wait to go back again soon!