Beanstalk, Dad's Day and Dogs

Boo grew an inch or two in one week. I swear he looks like he did. My family commented on it too at Father's Day BBQ Sunday. Today, he was wearing this cute green and yellow striped sleeveless one piece (very hot today - such random weather this week) and he looked like little Jack and the Beanstalk. Not that he's super tall or anything, but he just suddenly looked Big.

My husband kept saying on Father's Day "It's Father's Day, I'm not supposed to do anything." I wonder, then, why the same rule didn't apply to Mother's Day? I seem to remember making all of the food, putting all of the things away before guests arrived that husbands don't seem to think about putting away because they don't affect them directly, making sure the gifts were wrapped, making the cards, sending the ones that needed to be sent, making the grocery list, doing a fair amount of clean up work after the brunch... But hubby did vaccum the house and take out the garbage on dad's day, so I suppose that evens out...;)

We gave the dogs a bath tonight for the first time in, well, a very long time. We finally have the space to wash them without worrying about them getting all of our papers and food and Boo's toys all wet. Boo had a great time. We think our youngest dog believes that since Boo started crawling, he is a dog too, and that's why she tries to play with him more now. But she's so gentle with Boo, it's adorable. Boo gave her a big hug tonight. Right before she pummeled the poor pup because he was trying to get to the stairs. That's the other our little pup seems to do - she seems to try to stop Boo when he tries to go places he is not supposed to go, like up the stairs. It's a beautiful, complex, sweet and fun relationship to watch blossom. Boo and the dogs.