Flying Words

Boo has always been very verbal. He has loved babbling since he could. Some of his favorite words these days:
Bad Dog
Bye bye
He talks nonstop. Babble babble babble. He's totally having some sort of conversation, with inflections and movements and facial expressions to match. We can catch a word or two here and there, but the rest is beyond us. It's absolutely adorable. Words just fly out of his mouth. Luckily, they have all been good words so far. Although, I am not sure what it says about us as parents if his favorite word this month is "cookie..." We swear he only has a couple of Gerber arrowheat cookies about every other day! He calls Cheerios cookies, crackers are cookies...

My husband and I think it's hilarious that suddenly Sesame Street is taking on a health stance with Cookie Monster. Now "cookies are a sometimes food" on the show. After my husband heard about that he instantly wrote "Cookies are an all the time food" on our chalkboard. Okay, maybe it's no surprise that cookie is Boo's favorite word these days.


Beanhead said...

I think that all my kids said cookie first...lol And I agree with your dh cookies are an all the time food!

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