When I was in elementary/early middle school, one of my nicknames was Hyperspazz. I even created a little character that was my signature on notes and served as my logo. Now that I am a parent, I wonder how my own parents did it. I was Hyper with a capital H. But really, I was just a super happy kid who liked to sing and dance all day long, challenge her teachers, and have a whole lot of fun all the time no matter what.

Boo, we are noticing, is quite the happy and sometimes hyper little boy. When he gets excited about something he makes the most awesome sound - kind of like an evil sinister mad man laugh mixed with adorable baby giggles. His feet kick up and down like crazy. His eyes get huge and he lunges for whatever it is that is making him so happy. We love being able to witness this. Extreme happiness at its cutest and most honest.

We also have a feeling its a preview of what's to come. He's mischievious. He's smart, and will likely be a smart-ass like his parents. He's clever in choosing his actions and reactions. He reads us so well and knows how to adjust his actions to better position him to get what he wants. He's loud, he's active, he's all over the place.

But isn't this what all one year olds are like? We wouldn't have it any other way, honestly. We love the madness, the hyperacivity, the games and songs and dances that fill our home 24/7. For us, it's one of the most cherished aspects of raising a child: you get to act like a child yourself sometimes, and almost relive your childhood (but not in the bad your-child-should-do-all-the-things-you-didn't-get-a-chance-to-do sort of way - that's just wrong).

Through Boo's playfulness and sheer babyness, I get to be Hyperspazz again. Bouncing on sofas and making up silly characters with different accents. Running around and around and around the coffee table, back and forth, back and forth, chasing each other. We love the laughter that echos throughout our house, our car, everyplace we go when we play. We want Boo to know that you can have as much fun as you want, whenever and wherever you want. That you make your own happiness and you can help others by sharing yours. He may very well grow up to be the next Hyperspazz, and that's ok with me. I think I'm not only ready, but I'm looking forward to it.