Pals - A Shout Out to Ya

Normally I write about my mommy experiences in very general terms. Today, I'm just feeling specific. So if I don't know you and you are reading this blog, I promise I will get back to the general madness of mommyhood tomorrow or the next day. Today, it's all about our pals.

Today is Boo's cousin's birthday. Happy birthday lil' D! A & E - the pictures are SO cute! I am trying to convince A to get me a radio flyer wagon so I can be shuttled around town too. I can totally fit in one of those still! :-) Lil' D turned one, just like Boo did recently. And just like Miss M in CA, and Master S in Vancouver BC. Lots of first birthdays this year. A collective Happy Birthday to all of Boo's baby pals throughout the world! He got to play with his pal O at the zoo the other day. So fun. O's mom is a former coworker, and I miss seeing her in the halls, but I know she is so happy where she is in her life now. A Beep Beep tribute to ya :)

Sometimes I don't think I pay enough homage to my friends in this blog, but right now, it's all about the love. I love my friends. It's almost summer (you hear that summer? That means sunshine, and we'd really like to see more of you in the NW soon!). Summer means even more fun family and friends time.

Recently, an old pal that I used to work with way back in the day got in touch, and her emails just light up my day. We're hopefully going to catch up in a few weeks! She, another pal, and I have some great memories together and I can't wait to catch up. She's one of the sweetest, kindest, most generous people I know, and now she lives an hour or so away with her hubby and two kids. My cousin T and his wife J and their son Master S just emailed and said they're coming down in a couple of weeks too. S and Boo haven't seen each other since they were about 5 months old so this should be a lot of fun! We also heard from my former co-anchor and his wife about their latest news up north. Very exciting changes! Our politico pal Freddy-B gave a shout out to us tonight and it was so great to talk with him. He's working for Dean and traveling all over with him. We're so proud of you, Freddy-B. Can we get an autographed photo for Boo? We are teaching him the famous Dean campaign speech scream so he can show off when you visit...so visit already, will ya? (HL if you are reading this, while FB was working with Dean in Atlanta, a certain very pale reporter with initials RD from J-school days ended up covering the DNC's event! Crazy small world... we are all in trouble if they let RD report the news in such a large market...:-). HL has a new hubby, beautiful growing-up-fast little G, and a new life in a new place...I hope you are well and happy and good and we'll have to do girls' weekend soon. Maybe August? My pal J is abandoning us this summer to visit her boyfriend's pals in Cali instead of visiting us this year. What a traitor - abandoning us for a boy! :-) We'll try to go to NYC next year on our way to Switz. Or maybe you and said boyfriend can come visit us next summer! Or maybe we'll have another reason to visit you two next year....?!? Beautiful wandering soul KM is back tonight from her adventures across country and back. Welcome back KM! Looking forward to girls' night with you and Miss AD. My pal ASR is sick, and sounded awful on the phone tonight. Feel better! A & D are settling into their new house quite nicely and I can't believe it's almost time for Baby D to make his/her entrance into the world! LeeLee is getting psyched up for her trip to Maui. I am still practicing my yoga moves so I can contort into one of your suitcases. Maui sounds soooooooo nice right now... ML - I loved talking with you the other day and wish we lived closer to each other again :( My parents are busy scheming to get the whole family together every other weekend for some random planned trip from now through the end of September- to the beach, to Crater Lake, to another beach, to their place for a BBQ. Boo's maman and grossdaddy many thousands of miles away are enjoying their retirement and we love the Sunday calls. And there are many more people I've failed to mention that we want to make contact with on a daily basis, but just can't. There' so much going on with all of our friends and families all over the world and I always wish we could all keep in touch more. The Internet, the phone - neither replace the hug, the smile, the laughter in person. The older I get, the more I wish I had the ability to keep everyone at least in the same country, but more like on the same street. Sometimes I long for the days when all of my little friends lived on the same street and we just yelled out our windows to each other if we wanted to go outside and play.

I hope Boo is blessed with so many wonderful friends and family throughout his life. Thank you, all of you, for being a part of our lives.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for the virtual hug. I love reading your blog. I feel like it keeps me involved with what is happening in your life. Boos big moments. Family stuff. Work drama. And venting. It's all good.

As you know, it's hard for us mommies to find extra time for our gals, so this is perfect. You always seem to hit on the really big issues that are facing us moms. Work. Family. Sleep. Lack of Sleep.

I am so very proud of you. You are such a phenomenal mother and a wonderful friend.

Lots of Love-

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