Sleeping like a baby

There are many things I love about Boo's entrance into toddlerhood, but perhaps the one I enjoy and appreciate most at night is his newfound sleep habits. He has always been a great baby, and he has slept for 9-10 hours each night since he was just two months old. But it has been sleep that has sometimes been interrupted. Sometimes it means we just go in, help him find his pacifier, and go back to sleep. Sometimes it has meant he can't be consoled and then comes to bed with us, where he conks out for the rest of the night. More often than not, during the past six months, it has meant solid sleep once he's asleep, but getting him to go to sleep has been the challenge. During his first six months, he was content to fall asleep fairly quickly while we recited Guess How Much I Love You to him once, twice, or sometimes three times. Since he became mobile, he's all over the place. Who can sleep when there's cruising and crawling and exploring to be done?!

Something happened when Boo turned one. He started to fall asleep fairly quickly once again. We recite the book once to him, wish him good night and tell him we love him, and then walk out. Sometimes he whimpers or cries for a few minutes, but he gets himself to sleep pretty quickly after we leave the room. It's Heaven.

I think maybe now that he wears us out more during the day, he perhaps wears himself out more as well, and is just so tired after a long, hard working day that he can't bother with putting up a fight. Sweet little Boo. Such a big boy now.