Some moms are crazy

That's all I really want to say. CRAZY. I feel like I have to scream it out through this blog because I would get no release otherwise. It is a bad, bad mom to be judgmental of another, and yet, these feelings are here. SOME MOMS ARE CRAAAAAAAZY!!!! Cuckoo. Nutso. Freaks of nature in their own special way. Sometimes I watch/listen/read and let it slide and forget about it. Then other times I watch/listen/read and feel my blood pressure rising as I smile politely and nod, but inside I just want to shake them into their senses and scream "What the hell are you thinking? Are you CRAZY?!!!? Yes, you are! Now snap out of it and get back to reality!"

All right. It's out of my system. I think.

From now on, all moms are great and good and perfectly normal.

Except for the crazy ones.