Working moms

Yesterday was a 14 hour work day. Actually, possibly a bit longer since I started doing some work from home around 6:30am and continued until about 12 am this morning, much to my husband's dismay ("turn that computer off already!"). I haven't worked one of those in a while, possibly since before Boo was born, and it was great and exhilirating and crazy and frustrating and nutty. I'm taking a few days of vacation starting today, and I am still working a little. What's wrong with me?

Many working moms say that one of the greatest reasons for working is because at work, you get verbal, written and monetary praise for the work you do whereas at home, the praise you get is usually in the form of smiles and hugs from your family, which is perfect enough for many moms. Which is more valuable? I wonder how many working moms out there don't get the recognition they deserve, whether they work one day a week or seven; is the money they receive from paychecks reflective of the thanks that they deserve but don't get? I'm willing to bet no. In my field, there are far more women than men, and yet when you look at the data, the men still bring home way more bacon than the women, even if they are less experienced. That makes my blood boil. Why are the men more deserving in many employers eyes?

What happened to the movement for equal pay? Did that die once the Republicans took over the White House? Working Mother magazine broaches the topic every once in a while, but they take a rather subdued observer stance rather than an active you-can-do-something-to-change-this stance. The mainstream media haven't touched that topic in some time, at least not that I have noticed. But then again, they're all about touting the latest celebrity chef, which is apparently far more important than tackling issues like women's rights, healthcare, and the real problems facing our educational systems today.

Equal pay for equal work. So simple. So logical. So invisible in today's workplace. So sad.

I'm a big believer in giving thanks where thanks are due. If you are a working mom, I hope that you get the recognition you deserve - both at work, and at home; both monetarily and verbally.