Boo is awake

Boo is not sleeping well tonight. He went to bed around 8 pm and just about 20 minutes ago woke up screaming. We put his binky back in his mouth and he was fine. And then he started crying again. Changed his diaper. Checked room temperature. Checked the fit of his sleeper. Checked for odd noises (damn neighbors). Checked for bleeding, cuts, head injuries, vomit, poop, five new teeth coming in, monsters in closet. All seemed normal. Now he is going back and forth between sleeping and crying. Oh wait. Silence for about 15 seconds. Good sign.

He had a big day today. He's in a super silly/mischievous testing mode. He...oh crap...crying again...why am I still typing? because i know he will go to sleep...eventually...

Anyway, he does this thing where he gets one knee up on the fireplace seating area, looks over at me from the corner of his eye, and waits for me to say "No, No Boo." If I don't say it, he looks right at me, I stare back at him and shake my head, and then he shakes his head while laughing and puts his leg backdown. He does about three or four "testing you" things but I'm too tired to write about all of them now. Bottom line: they are super cute. Maybe someday they will test my patience, but now I am loving those moments. He's learning what's ok and what's not ok, and it's so amazing to me. He's 14 months old, almost. What a big boy. Where's my baby?

Silence from Boo's room again. I hope he sleeps well the rest of the night. I think he woke up when our neighbors slammed their car doors. Hopefully all of our neighbors are now in for the night. 10:30 may be super early for a lot of you out there, but I'm willing to bet none of you have any young kids.