CBS re-airing of Stay-At-Home Moms story

Tonight 60 Minutes aired the Leslie Stahl story about stay-at-home moms (original air date was last October). In the report, she offers this statistic: a 15 percent increase in SAHM in less than 10 years. I've read the articles over and over for the past year or so, about the trend of high powered professional career moms "opting out" of the workforce to take care of their babies, whether FT or PT.

The story was fine (considering it was a Leslie Stahl story, but I can rant about her later), but the one thing that hit a nerve was the interview with Linda Hirschman, a lawyer, philosophy professor and author (oh please). Hirschman thinks the trend of moms who are opting out is a sign that we're heading back to the 1950s. "These women are choosing lives in which they do not use their capacity for very complicated work," adds Hirshman. "They are choosing lives in which they do not use their capacity to deal with very powerful other adults in the world, which takes a lot of skill."

Excuse me? Now, I'm not a SAHM, and I'm not going to be, at least not right now, but this woman pissed me off! She is so obviously bitter about her own life (she worked like a maniac while raising her daughter, had issues with men in the workplace, blah blah blah), and has nothing better to do than to make people feel bad about their decisions. Their choice. CHOICE being the operative word.

Why can't people like Hirschman just accept that moms like the ones interviewed for this story are choosing what makes them happy? It is obvious if you watched this story that Hirschman is the unhappy one here. And that is very, very sad.


betty said...

I wish I had seen the program. I'm curious as to what other messages and thoughts were conveyed by the other SAHMS.

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Kirsten said...

Grrrr that is so frustrating to hear! I no not plan on staying at home, but I'll be damned if I would let anyone tell me that if I did I would be avoiding complicated work.....YIKES!

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Eva said...

What I do not understand is how those stay-at-home-mums can stay in their marriages with their husbands, men who appearently don't care for their kids. Otherwise they would want to be at home taking care of their kids, too, wouldn't they?

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