Friends and Family: No Comments = I will write about you

I've decided that since friends and family are such a large part of my life, I really need to start including them more in my blog. I think some of them read this blog, which is why I haven't written about them, but since none of the people I actually know in real life ever leave comments, I've decided I am going to write more openly now about those friends and family who don't leave comments! HL, consider yourself saved since you have posted a comment :)

Friends and family, you have been forewarned. No comments from you means I have full reign to write about you because I assume you are not reading this blog. Ha ha ha (she says with a sinister laugh).

To my friendly comment posters: thanks for your always fun comments! I enjoy them very much and if I do write about you will write nothing but good things:-)


betty said...

I don't have a blog, but I've always wondered if I did have one whether I would choose to write about IRL family and friends or not, and whether I would tell them of the existence of the blog or not.

My family is pretty dysfunctional, so I probably wouldn't have too many good and/or positive things to say about them. :)

It would probably be safer with my family though because I don't think many of them have any idea what a blog is and the chance of them accidentally stumbling upon it.

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Heather L said...

M- You are a lovely writer and I so enjoy reading both of your blogs. And I also must say that your offer of amnisty is much appreciated! HL

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