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Allow me to travel away from writing about being a mommy for a moment and indulge in some random writing. I'm watching The Daily Show right now, and I just love John Stewart. Loved him long before he became host of TDS. My husband knows all this, and I think he approves because he actually thinks John Stewart is funny and smart (unlike John Cusack, whom he thinks just keeps making the same movie over and over...a source of heated debate around here...who cares if he keeps making the same movie? He's John Cusack!). JS just did a bit about the White House press corps pounding on poor, unprepared Press Secretary Scott McLellan. Finally! MSNBC covered it a bit last night and so did NBC, but I have been waiting to see what TDS would do with it. They didn't disappoint. Too funny. "The White House press corps have been replaced by actual reporters." Oh so good. I kind of feel bad for Scott McLellan, since he obviously is ill-matched for the position of Press Secretary, or at least what the PS should be. The Bush administration made it clear when they hired Fleischer that his job was to be the spanking boy with no knowledge of anything and try to be an even bigger bumbling idiot than the Big Idiot. Poor Scotty. He looked like he was going to throw up while he was actually being -gasp!- grilled by the press. Hooray for the WHPC. They actually do have some balls and, if for one day only, remembered what their jobs are.

JS is also a papa to a toddler or young infant I believe. I bet he's a funny papa. There, I talked about babies a little for my mommy blog.


Kirsten said...

I am so with you about TDS! Even though I am always a day behind as the 8:00 showing is as late as I can make it!

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Mama M said...

I usually crash before TDS also but lately have been adverse to sleeping. I forget there is an earlier showing of the previous night's show - thanks for reminding me!

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