Home Stretch/Stepping up to the plate

This is my last week at work. Crazy. So I'm spending my days trying to wrap things up in the office while I'm spend my nights trying to get things going at the home office. Tonight I finally got off my lazy butt and wrote more copy for my second business Web site. In truth, I think it sucks. I write for other people all day long with no problem, but writing for my own business is a whole different ball game.

I'm so excited, but I think it's healthy that some panic has finally settled in. Just a little. We're going from a three-car family to a one-car family, and the cheese that's left standing alone is a beautiful, sleek, super comfy gas guzzler/environmental hazard. It is my biggest personal icon of hypocrisy (can I blame hubby? It was his post-baby present. Wait a minute - the baby was his post-baby present! Rats. He fooled me again.). I really want a Prius, but that's out of the question for now. We'll be fine cha-ching wise (not a lot of cha-ching, but just enough), but it's stupid assanine things like me suddenly wanting to go to Hawaii for a vacation in a couple of weeks that has me worried. Perhaps I am rebelling against my own rebellion. Perhaps I am just really tired and exhausted and in need of at least one night with eight hours of sleep (PS-not due to baby; baby sleeps just fine. Due to mommy-addiction to working).

So I'm finishing up the home stretch at work work while stepping up to the plate for work-at-home work and, hopefully, more quality time with Boo. I do relish the idea of trading conference calls for playdates. I'll still be getting up early and going to bed late. I am so curious to see how different life will be, or how similar. I'm really, really excited about these changes. I think rediscovering myself and redefining my goals is the best thing I can do for Boo right now; if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

What's with me using the word "ain't?" What's with the baseball analogies in this post? I can't stand baseball (except the occasional live game just because I can yell a lot of random crap and drink beer and eat hot dogs. Mmm...beer...awesome NW microbrews...). Must be the misalignment of my worlds at the moment confusing the mommy brain. Off to get another night of not-enough-sleep soon. Night night, Blogosphere!


Beanhead said...

good luck with the work at home thing. I miss it like mad.

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Pieces of Me said...

Just found your blog...very cute! TTYL BTW I love that pool!

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Mama M said...

beanhead - thanks! i'll take any advice you can offer on working from home :)

diana - thanks also! just hopped over to your blog. very nice! sounds like you are WAY busy with classes - very impressed!

btw - the pool set us back a mere $19.95 at Toys R Us. best investment of the summer!

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