The Incredible Amazing Boo

Suddenly, it's a circus at my house, and Boo has become the ultimate entertainer. Over the course of the past few days, Boo has truly amazed us. Here is a short list of our entertainment line-up from this weekend:
-Boo starts picking up the phone and actually putting it next to his ear to talk (versus just pushing all of the buttons as he's been doing).
-Boo decides that walking longer distances isn't so bad after all. Up until this weekend, he had just been taking three or four steps at a time before resuming crawling. Suddenly, he just gets up and walks from room to room.
-Boo learns to go backwards to get down from the couch. This is a great trick and I am glad he has learned it.
-Boo starts putting things back instead of just taking things out (toys from the toy box, CDs from the shelf).
-Boo starts using a spoon more at mealtime. Granted, he still uses his hands more, but he's getting there.
-Boo realizes how funny he is. He has done this trick for a week now, where he places one of his small cups between his teeth so that the top of the cup covers his nose, and he walks around with it in his mouth. Laughing hysterically the whole time. He's a ham and a half.

To add to his funnyness, about three weeks ago, Boo started making funny faces through the glass window doors that connect the living room to the home office. He LOVES putting both hands on the glass and blowing faces. That's one of my favorite tricks, and the photo above is one of my favorite ever.

This weekend was also all about dancing for Boo - he would sway to the music in the car, the music playing at the restaurant during lunch today, music from his toys - he just loves to dance! And he is still all about reading. His bedtime book before we go upstairs is Big Red Barn. His naptime book is The Napping House. He also still loves Quack!, I'm a Little Puppy, and So Big (Baby Elmo). He loves all books, but those are his faves this week. (once again, I'm reciting these things really just in case they don't make it into the baby book :)

We are so blessed and so lucky to have Boo in our lives. He makes every day a happy, silly, crazy fun day.