Last Day & Boo's New Adventures

Today was my last day at work. Yippee!!!! Very happy, but it's SO odd and a little bittersweet.

Tonight, after I got home (my husband drove, since I think I drank almost a whole bottle of wine at the work goodbye party...and sang a duet with karaoke crazy pal E, who also celebrated her last day working there...), Boo was cute as ever. He kept walking around and patting my drunk head as I lay on the couch, and then walking over to pat my husband's stomach. Just walking around playing here and there. Not super hyper, just being very calm and cute. He is so adorable and fun and loving.

He is starting to talk even more now. Added to his repertoire are: thank you (after we give him something to eat - SO cute!), cup, bowl, bus, and turtle. He loves stacking things that he gets from the cupboards: bowls, tupperware, the plastic salad mixer parts. He also has started to hide things in the kitchen cupboards, which is pretty funny and cute.


betty said...

Has he gotten to the stage where he likes to throw things away into the large kitchen garbage can when you're not looking?! Ben started doing this at a very young age before I even realized he was doing it. I only discovered it first by accident when I happened to glance into the garbage can, and saw lots of things in there that should NOT have been there!

It got to the point where we regularly checked the garbage to see what he might have tossed in there. We were afraid that we might be accidentally taking out the garbage with lots of valuables unknowingly still in there.

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