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This is a dual blog post. Perhaps this breaks some obscure unwritten rule out there in the Blogosphere about not posting the same exact post in two blogs, but this fits both my mommy blog and my rant/rave blog. Today I feel compelled to rave and rave and rave about Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital.

A hospital, you ask? Why would you rant or rave about that?

Well good friends, because customer service is perhaps most important in those halls, where the admins, nurses, assistants, doctors, and slew of I-have-no-idea-what-those-people-do people hold not only your lives at times, but your hopes, your fears, your strength, your happiness, your sanity, your entire day's outlook in their hands. And when you are pregnant, you damn well better choose a hospital that is known for having the best customer service around.

In Oregon, that hospital, IMHO, is Legacy Good Sam in NW Portland. This week, I went in for my annual exam, and afterward called my husband to tell him how much fun it was.

"Fun?!" he asked, increduously. Yes, fun! Ok, maybe fun is not how I would describe the exam itself (ick), but rather the rest of my experience there.

Everyone in the office is super nice. All the time. They remember who I am and so many personal non-medical things about my life that we have discussed throughout the years; they ask about my son, my husband, my work; they remember things about my pregnancy from my regular visits there. They talk to me, and really listen. They do everything they can to help. I love it there. I never thought I would ever say that about a doctor's office, but there you go. I always look forward to going. In a way, they are like an extended family.

I learned how lucky I was during my pregnancy to have Good Sam in my health plan. When I would tell people where I was giving birth (I never understood why people always asked that, but now I do -- it makes such a difference in how you feel about your pregnancy and giving birth), so many women who gave birth there and so many men whose wives gave birth there raved about it, saying "it's like the Hilton! You'll love it!"

And love it we did. We loved going to my many, many doctor's visits (my husband was so good and went to all of them with me--he was very cute and sweet). We loved our birthing, breastfeeding and baby care classes. We loved the maternity ward. We loved the kind and funny folks at the lab. We loved (most of) our nurses during the course of our maternity stay. We loved the doctor who gave birth to our son (ours was on vacation - of course!). I loved the lactation consultant who visited me the day after I gave birth, and whom I visited a couple of times later. I loved the baby & me groups they offered afterward. We loved everything about the experience before, during and after the birth of our son. We love our pediatrician and her office there.

Good Sam also has a ton of specialists there that most other area hospitals don't offer. Good to know as I age ;)

I could go on forever raving about this place. Obviously I can't vouch for every single doctor or provider at this hospital, I can only tell you of my experiences, and they have all been fabulous. To me, Good Sam feels more like a spa or hotel or the family's regular hangout than a hospital. Sounds very silly, but it's true. I wish everyone mother would have the same wonderful experience, from pre-pregnancy and beyond.


Kirsten said...

I wish I had Good Sam in my plan! I know that EVERYONE loves it. My father worked there for 20 years, I was born there too! But being the govt. bureaucrat I am for the moment, Kaiser is the best I can do! It is like camping compared to Good Sam.

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