New baby pool means mom must wear a swimsuit

For me, summer hasn't meant swimsuit season for at least five years. I'm not kidding - the last time I think I wore one was when I went to Hawaii for work. Each year, they take over the stores and taunt me, but I don't even give them a glance anymore.

Today was a hot day. Today we bought Boo a fun little pool. Today was the first time in possibly five years that I wore a swimsuit. The things I do for my baby...

At first, I was just wearing shorts and a tank top, but after we filled the pool up with water I realized how ridiculous it was that I was not in a swimsuit. So I marched upstairs and opened The Drawer. The one containing about four really old, not-sure-if-they-even-fit-me-at-all swimsuits. I'm actually surprised I kept them this long. So I found the one that was the least revealing, was shocked that it still fit, but then reaized I had some new fat that came post-baby that made the suit fit a bit differently than five years ago. Whatever. In my own backyard, the only people that could run away in pain screaming "my eyes! my eyes!" from the sight of me in a swimsuit would be my husband (who has seen the post-baby body anyway and is still around) and our immediate neighbors, if they felt nosy enough to look down over our backyard from their upstairs windows. Oh, and now anyone who watches the video that hubby took of the afternoon's poolside adventure. Thanks - you were supposed to just shoot video of our son, not me! C'est la vie.

We had SO much fun playing in the pool. Boo LOVED it. He splashed around, played with the pool toys, barked orders at the dogs from the pool, tried to bring grass into the pool. He was laughing and squealing with excitement the whole time. It is truly an amazing experience, to watch my son learn and grow and fall in love with new experiences. There he was: standing in the pool, walking along the sides, trying to drink the water. It was beautiful.

And I have faced my fear of the swimsuit and can safely say that I will likely wear one again and again so I can play in the pool with my kid. I should probably buy a new one for my post-baby body, though :)

Happy 4th of July everyone!

BTW, the photo is of hubby filling the pool with water, and that's Boo in the corner. I'm taking the photo so I don't have to be IN the photo, wearing my swimsuit :)


Kirsten said...

What a cute pool! I am so with you on the swimsuit thing, even before I got pregnant. But how often do we get a beautiful day like yesterday? Go for it!

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betty said...

I dread getting into swimsuits too, so know how you feel. I had one totally unflattering suit in the drawer which I recently gave away to the Salvation Army. In its place, I got a few tankini skirts and some swimshorts with some camisole swimtops. They are so much more attractive and hide a lot, and are therefore much more pleasant to wear! :)

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