New poll! It has to do with men and an island

Which John would you most like to be stranded with? John Roberts, John Cusack, John Stewart, John Mayer, The John, or a Jane. Vote now on the poll in the right-hand column of the blog.

Last week's poll resulted in 80% for boycotting War of the Worlds. I am with you. I really would have seen this movie, if Tom CRAZY hadn't opened his stupid mouth. He is an uninformed a-hole who knows nothing about postpartum depression and should just shut up. Oh, and he should stop trading in his wives for younger models (Nicole for Mimi, Katie for Nicole, soon the Olson twins for Katie). 20% of you said it looked stupid anyway.


Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

I agree with you about Cruise. He is really (and always has been) pretty full of himself. But I am glad to hear that he has actually been reading. lol
I guess I have been boycotting his movies for years, but not to prove a point, unless the point is that he's not much of an actor and not very interesting. (sorry Tom Cruise fans, I know this is JUST my opinion, and I'm super glad for you if YOU like him!) To each his own. I do think though, that people DO go for the antidepressants as a quick fix and a band aid, when there is something deeper that needs to be addressed, and I do also think that doctors who are not qualified in psychology and assessment/follow-up (ie, gynecologists and general practitioners) will prescribe these drugs too fast and easily (especially to women), because it makes us happy and gets us off their back and out of their office. But to say as Tom Cruise did, that the antidepressants aren't right for anyone is totally off the mark in my opinion.

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A said...


Love your blog! Maybe you can check mine out sometime: www.paperknapkin.com! Oh, I think Jon Stewart spells his name without the "h". Hee Hee!

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