NO. N-O. My son can say it, and now so can I

If you ever want a bunch of job leads/offers to come your way, then apparently all you have to do is quit your job. The official announcement was made and I sent my own to some contacts and Holy Crapoly, the response made me cry. Amidst the congrats, the take-me-with-yous, and the so-what-the-hell-are-you-going-to-do-for-money calls and emails (mostly from guys, to which my silent response as I smile back at them is FU, Mother F#$@er), were requests for meetings and so-now-can-we-hire-you? emails and calls. I was dumbfounded. I cried.

And the hyperactive, email-addicted, adrenaline-rush-feuled, workaholic mom said NO. I have been learning to say it the past couple of years, and I think I am pretty (kind of) good at it now. NO. N-O. No thanks. No.

I question my decision at times, no doubt. When someone offers you what you are making now for way less work than you do now, you have to stop and at least consider it. But in the end, my response to (almost) all was NO. At least to the ones that would require more time than I wanted to give. The rest, I'll work on later... :)

I got home tonight around 7:45. I opened the door, and there they were: my boys. Boo sitting in his papa's lap, smiling with sleepy eyes, and one of his bedtime books in their laps. They were the picture of perfect happiness. Boo's bedtime ritual is the favorite part of my day, because we all wind down together, and I love how Boo gets SO excited about even the realization that we are going to read his bedtime books. I want to see more of this. I want to feel more of this happiness. I want to say YES to me, to my son, my husband, my parents, my dogs, my friends, my family, my needs, my goals, my creativity, my zen, my life.

So I said no to more work in order to say yes to more life. And I'm feeling pretty damn happy about that. So now I shall do the happy dance. Do do do do...da da da da...woohoo!


Kirsten said...

Congrats on setting boundries!! Now feel free to kick some job leads my way....I can't be a bureaucrat one more day!!:)

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Mama M said...

Thanks, and I'll be on the lookout for jobs for you, baby_mama!

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